YES, we are indeed fully insured J and all of our kit is PAT tested by a fully qualified electrician. Our kit is also thoroughly inspected every time it is used and every time on its return to make sure we are on top of our maintenance and our kit remains to the highest and safest of standards.

Are you fully insured and PAT tested?

It all depends on your venue, your ideas , kit and how many people we will need to do the job.

What we do is talk to you in great depth about your ideas and what you're looking for. We will also have a chat with your venue to talk about what they will allow. After that we will then be able to give you a list of all the

info you need along with pricing for each option.

How much does indoor lighting and outdoor lighting cost?

Can you set up the decorations I've bought and centrepieces

we've made for our wedding?

ABSOLUTELY! We are very much aware of the tight turnarounds venues have between weddings… If you have found your dream venue and want to make your own centrepieces and décor etc but have no time to set it up on the morning of your wedding – its all good, we are here to help. We will work very closely with you to make sure we have all the info we need, know your décor inside and out and know exactly how you want it set up.

Can I hire your stock to do my own DIY wedding?

OF COURSE! Forking out full price for items then having to sell it all after your wedding can be a bit of a pain…. But with us, you can hire any of our stock for much less than retail price, make it your own, and not have to worry about selling it on afterwards. We could arrange trial days, or you can take some bits away with you to try different layouts and designs etc before your wedding - and it'll still be cheaper than buying them.

We are based in Perthshire but cover the whole of Scotland. The only thing to bear in mind is that we may charge for mileage and labour depending on the distance from our base …but we can give you all that information as soon as possible, or, depending on what services you require from us, you can collect the items from us yourself.

How far do you travel?

We don’t know what we want for our wedding , can you help with ideas ?

TOTALLY! Like most suppliers, we thrive off coming up with different ideas to make your wedding unique and as easy going as possible. Its very easy to get brain fog when planning your wedding… so many things going on in your head, we are here to help with anything.

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